Price Associates, Inc.
Consultants: Risk Assessment and Statistical Analysis


Bertram Price, PhD Mathematical Statistics, Ohio State University, is President, Price Associates, Inc., which he established in 1987. Dr. Price applies mathematical and statistical modeling methods to analyze risk and risk management alternatives. His consulting includes environmental and occupational regulatory issues and studies concerning exposure, health risk, risk management, and regulatory impact. More...


Christopher Borgert, Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, Dept. of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, University of Florida College of Medicine; founder and principal scientist, Applied Pharmacology and Toxicology (APT). Dr. Borgert has been a consultant for Price Associates on a variety of projects, most recently an analysis of worker exposure to diacetyl and the risk of bronchiolitis obliterans in the artificial flavoring industry.

Joshua Greenberg, B.S. Mathematics from New York University, is founder and Principal Scientist, Innovative Data Science. Mr. Greenberg consults with Price Associates, Inc. in the areas of medical/epidemiological literature review, development of mathematical/statistical models, and statistical analysis.

Joanna Yang, Ph.D. in Statistics, Ohio State University, is founder and principal scientist at JYY Associates, LLC. Dr. Yang has more than 20 years experience working in the pharmaceutical/bio-pharmaceutical industry, most recently with Bristol-Myers Squibb. Dr. Yang works with Price Associates on statistical design and statistical analysis of epidemiological and risk data.