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Consultants: Risk Assessment and Statistical Analysis

December 2018: Price Associates, Inc. (PAI) has completed an update of its mesothelioma case projections through 2054 based on the National Cancer Institute's most current SEER data (1973-2015). The projections are available for purchase from Price Associates, Inc. Send e-mail through Contact Us requesting additional information about obtaining the projections.

October 2018: Dr. Price was an invited participant at the ASTM Symposium on Detection Limits where his presentation was titled "Detection Limit: A Study Design Parameter."

December 2017: A report prepared by Dr. Price, "Mesothelioma: The Long Tail of Asbestos Personal Injury Litigation in the US," was published by KCIC on its website, April 19, 2018.

May 2015: Multiple Interacting Risk Factors: On Methods for Allocating Risk Factor Interactions was published in Risk Analysis Volume 35, Issue 5, May 2015, Pages 931-940.(Abstract (PDF))

May 2015: Bertram Price was elected to the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame.

November 10-11, 2011: Panel Member – An Analytical Perspective on Where Asbestos Litigation is Headed; Defense Research Institute (DRI) Asbestos Medicine Seminar


Dr. Price was an invited panelist in the breakout session (DRI Asbestos Medicine) that addressed an analytical look at the future of asbestos litigation. A summary of his comments is found in this document (PDF).

A summary of his
comments is found in Link to pdf document.
A summary of his
comments is found in Link to pdf document.

October 21-22, 2011: While visiting Wittenberg University for his 50th Class Reunion, Dr. Price conducted a seminar with students in Professor Douglas Andrews’ senior class on statistical applications; Dr. Price also participated in the Alumni Career Forum for math, statistics, and computer science majors where he and four recent Wittenberg graduates answered students’ questions about career options. Presentation (PDF)  

October 20, 2011: Dr. Price visited the Ohio State University, where he conducted a seminar on statistical consulting with graduate students in The Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insights (NCACI), a joint business research venture between the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and the University’s Fisher College of Business. NCACI, under Director Thomas Bishop, focuses on critical thinking skills and rigorous problem formulation methodologies in the conduct of insurance and financial product research. Dr. Price was asked to describe his career path leading to the formation of his consulting firm. In addition, he discussed a few of his consulting engagements and included suggestions from his “consultants’ handbook” for consideration by those planning a career as a consultant. Presentation (PDF)