Price Associates, Inc.
Consultants: Risk Assessment and Statistical Analysis

About Price Associates

Price Associates, Inc. (PAI) is a consulting firm specializing in statistical design and analysis, mathematical modeling, and risk analysis applied to regulatory and litigation issues in occupational and public health. Since its establishment in 1987, PAI has worked with clients nationwide including industry associations, Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and government agencies. Our consulting activities focus on the analysis of quantitative information used in risk management decision processes. PAI consultants develop models to evaluate regulatory proposals and compliance decisions, design exposure studies and monitoring programs, and conduct statistical analysis of chemical, medical, epidemiological, toxicological, ecological, engineering, and financial data.  Our analyses are summarized in clearly-written reports complemented with technical appendices where necessary and  publications in peer-reviewed journals where appropriate. Our projects have included:

    • Analysis of claims in mass tort litigation and projections of the number of future claims and liability
    • Analysis of causation and estimation of assigned shares
    • Statistical design and data analysis for studies to support Negative Exposure Assessment submissions to OSHA on maintenance activities involving asbestos, mercury, VOCs, and lead-based paint
    • Analysis of NCI's SEER cancer database to evaluate mesothelioma trends, estimate lifetime mesothelioma risk, and project future numbers of mesothelioma cases
    • Analysis of measurements of airborne asbestos and projection of asbestos exposure for workers conducting routine maintenance and repair activities 
    • Development of Bacteria Source Tracking (BST) models and application of the models to identify sources of bacteria in surface waters
    • Review of studies conducted to assess the health risk of exposure to talc and other mineral aggregates and prepared critique of the regulatory interpretation of studies.
    • Evaluation of studies and regulatory initiatives concerning the contribution of brake pad wear debris to the copper load discharged into the Lower South San Francisco Bay 
    • Development and evaluation of anthrax risk-based sampling designs to detect and measure Bacillus anthracis spore concentrations on surfaces in US Postal Service processing facilites

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